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  • Does Dellwood Travel charge a Planning Fee?
    Dellwood Travel does not charge a fee for qualifying vacation packages. These include but are not limited to Disney and Universal packages (on property lodging and ticket packages), Cruises, and All-inclusive Resort stays. Travel inquiries that do not meet these criteria may require a single, one-time planning fee.
  • If you do not regularly charge a planning fee, how do you get paid?
    Most travel vendors (i.e. Theme parks, Cruises, all inclusive resorts) already have a commission included in their prices whether you use a travel agent or not. I am paid by the vendor and when we are not, Dellwood Travel charges a planning fee for our time, resources, and to ensure all of the details of your trip are well managed and looked after.
  • Does Dellwood Travel provide flight arrangements?
    No, with the exception of select vacation packages that may include cruises and all-inclusive resorts.
  • Does Dellwood Travel book AirBNB or VRBOs?
  • When should we start to plan?
    The sooner the better so we can start the personal process of getting to know each other and we can tailor your trip to your wishes while securing accommodations that will meet your needs.
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